About Us

Teddy Bears with Heart was founded in 2008 by Susan Hanson in Monterey California. Thanks to our wonderful board and volunteers we have been able to gift over 168,000 stuffed animals!

We are under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of Good Bears of the World.  To visit their wonderful new site and learn more about this international bear giving organization visit  www.goodbearsoftheworld.org .

Our mission is to gift teddy bears to first responders and agencies that work with children in crisis, the forgotten elderly and the terminally ill.  We can only do this through the generosity of our community.  We have been able to gift around 168,000 bears and stuffed animals in twelve years!  How many bears/stuffed animals do you think the seven hospitals and 175 agencies we gift to need in a year?  Did you guess 184,000?  That would be right!

We are working our way towards that number and the only way we’ll be able to bring comfort to those in need is by the people in our community becoming involved.  Either by donating bears, their time or their money.

Would you like to learn more about TBWH?  Please contact us at (831) 915-1112 or susie@tbwh.org.