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14 May, 2020

Covid 19 Plan

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Your safety is important to us. We have instituted the following policy regarding our stuffed animals.

  1. Any teddy bears/stuffed animals that are donated or bought are kept in a staging area away from other animals and people and are in quarantine for a minimum of two weeks.
  2. After two weeks they will be brought in to be bagged and tagged and prepared to go out to those in need. All volunteers who are bagging and tagging will be wearing a mask and gloves. Animals will not be touched with bare hands.
  3. Once they are bagged and tagged they will be placed in quarantine for two weeks once again. At the end of two weeks they will be available to be delivered to those in need.
  4. When delivering the stuffed animals the volunteer will be in a mask and gloves. They deliver the stuffed animals to the agency/first responders outside the place of business and will keep the six foot distance from whom they deliver to.

Have any other questions regarding our safety policy? Please contact Susie at (831) 915-1112 or susie@tbwh.org