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Dear Friends,

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Our journey bears and stuffed animals have gone out to over 140,00 children in crisis, elderly and terminally ill patients.  We hope they bring comfort to those in need while they go through some pretty scary situations.  Have you received one of our bears and have they been able to help you?  Please email us with your story and how the bear/stuffed animal was helpful, we would love to hear from you.

December 2019
I wanted to send this card to thank you for my bear. You have a great mission to complish, and I thank God your your ministry. I was feeling depressed and your give made me smile and cried for you bring me a moment of joy. I appreciate your beautiful gift of a Pink Teddy Bear with Heart. May God bless you, and continue to bless providing to your mission in order for your mission to continue to bring joy, and a smile to those as me that feels lonely through this Holiday Season.
With Love,

December 16, 2019
Dear Ms. Hanson,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful thousand stuffed animals that you donated to Nancy’s Project. We will be able to distribute these to the needy farm labor families of the Salinas Valley. What joy you will have brought to the young children’s faces.
All of your efforts have made such a difference to the families during the holiday season.
We sincerely appreciate your wonderful donation. Thank you, again.
Sally Districh – Secretary – Nancy’s Project

December 12, 2019
Dear Supporter –
Northern California Van Council (NCVC) would like to thank your organization’s donation of stuffed animals at our Vanning for Tots event held at the American Legion Post in Marina, CA on December 7, 2019.
Your donations, along with donations from Sons of the Legion 694 and NCVC, was distributed to local and other Northern California toy drives and helped NCVC meet their goals to spread joy to children at the Holidays.
Thank you once again for your generosity and we look forward to your continuing support next year.
Paula Anderson
Northern California Van Council

October 1, 2019
My name is Jenn and Saturday night one of my 2 year old twin daughters, Emily, broke her femur.
Here’s what happened. We were feeling lazy after flying home from vacation and didn’t have any groceries so we decided to stop by the park for a few minutes before going out to eat. I announced we had 2 minutes left before we had to leave the park and told the kids they should pick their favorite thing to do before we left. David, Emily, and I chose the see-saw; don’t worry, it was fun. However, when we were getting off, David’s foot caught on the seat and he tripped and landed on Emily 😩 The rest is history. I knew it was serious pretty quickly, whether I wanted to believe it or not. My strong, non-cryer was wailing in pain and wouldn’t stop unless I was holding her tightly. I was holding her so tightly in my arms it felt like I was hugging a broken vase so it didn’t shatter. The ride in the ambulance to the hospital was hard. My whole body was shaking and I felt like my muscles were going to give out. I had to muster up every fiber of mom-strength I had to keep my baby held tight and out of as much pain as possible. I was uncomfortable in every way but I didn’t move a muscle for fear of it causing my baby girl more pain. With every bump on the road my baby was screaming in agony OUCHIE BUMP OUCHIE BUMP MAMAAAA!!!
I know baby 😭😭😭😭
Then the paramedic handed Emily a little orange bear that was dressed as a ghost. My baby, if only for a moment, cracked a smile!! It was the swift glimmer of happiness that this mama needed to see. Emily had her Mickey Mouse with her as well, but there was something about the newness and the unexpected thoughtfulness this bear brought that lit up my child’s face. She grabbed that bear and squished him into her arms along with her Mickey doll. We were able to hold onto both stuffed animals the entire time.
Luckily, Emily didn’t need surgery and she went into the OR around 1:30am for her cast setting. She’s been doing great since but has been battling a fever 🤒 Because why not give her more things to tackle 😥 #whenitrainsitpours She seems better today and I was able to hold her!!!!!!!
Her cast is extensive and goes from her nipples down to her left ankle; it’s called a spica cast. She can’t sit up straight or lay down… she’s at an awkward diagonal angle for the next 10 weeks. This means tons and tons of pillows to prop her up and keep her comfy. She cannot use a car seat and will “lay down” in the back seat with pillows and we will put a weird dog-like harness around her that the seat belt goes through. This is all so new and so crazy you guys! Last night all 4 of us slept in our hospital room. Emily was in her hospital crib, I slept in a chair, David slept on the floor, and Emma (the twin) slept in a pack n play in the corner. It was crazy and uncomfortable and probably not what other families do, but I am so incredibly grateful for my supportive family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The 4 of us are a team, a unit, and I feel blessed to have a husband who not only cares so much but is so involved. I have no idea how I’m going to do this and I have no idea how we’re going to afford this.. We’re still paying off their NICU bills! But we are trying our best to hold strong and the tears only come when I think of it all at once like I am now… ignorance is totally bliss. One day at a time. Money will come and go… I’m so grateful we have the ability to provide for our family.
I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful and generous gift to my family. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to care about the tough things others might be experiencing; we need more people in the world like you.
We are going to have so much fun playing with our new bear and introducing him to all the other toys we have at home. Thank you thank you thank you.


August 19, 2019


A genuine thank you from our family for supplying the CHOMP ER with stuffed animals for kids.
An evening five weeks after we brought home our newborn, my oldest, two year old Tallulah, fell running down the hallway. Immediately we knew it was a different kind of cry and she’d need to visit the ER. She was terrified of the hospital even more than the pain, and to top it off I needed to stay home with the baby since we don’t have any family in the area and are new here. She was terrified. Getting the stuffed dog turned a scary experience for her into an awesome one. She thought it was so cool and immediately calmed down. It made a big difference in her experience.
Let me know how I can make a donation so other little people can feel the love. Also, I’m a professional photographer (website below) so if you would to utilize my services to assist your nonprofit let me know and I would be happy to help.
Thanks again!

February 4, 2019

C.C was in the ER in Santa Cruz over the weekend. After some tests and x-rays it was determined she has RSV. This fluffy bunny made her day!


October 15, 2018

Thank you for the comfort bear. It helped 2 year old Ceci to feel more comfortable during our recent scary trip to the Dominican ER with unknown amount of ingested medicine.

Thankfully Ceci is just fine and it was all a false alarm…she loves to feed and take care of her new bear…even sharing her super special treat of Cheetos at the hospital she normally would share with anyone….she wont let the bear go and says it helped her be brave (yes she’s very communicative even at 2) Thank you for your thoughtfulness!
Love, the Petersons

September 1, 2018

My son, his wife and my grandson and his wife took me out for my birthday dinner. Had a nice time, took the bear with us too. The bear was there the bear didn’t say a word, but the bear was there. Thanks for the bear and… have nice days always.

Albert E


August 18, 2018

Dear Susie,
(Teddy Bears with heart)
Thank you for the stuffed penguin, aka “Twinkles”. I had to bring my son Justus to the ER the other night, he hit his head on the bathtub faucet. Of course he was nervous, this was his first trip to the ER. As soon as we walked in the kind security guard greeted us and helped us, and as we were getting checked in he handed us the penguin. What a sweet ministry you run! “Twinkles” got cuddled all night (we were in the ER for quite a while). Justus even fell asleep a couple times in the waiting room, all the while holding his penguin.
Thank you again for this thoughtful ministry. Justus is still healing up but I wanted to send a thank you and let you know what you are doing is making a difference.
Thank you again,
Briana (and Justus)


May 25, 2018

Hi Teddy Bears with Heart staff,
My daughter had a hard time getting a blood test. When she got the teddy bear which you provided afterwards, she was so happy! It made such a big difference as to which direction her day was going to go, whether to feel bad about her blood test or to be so grateful for her bear 🙂 She was super grateful and happy.
Thank you,

April 5, 2018
Hello there!
I wanted to write to thank y’all for the Teddy Bear my daughter Lily received while being treated at Dominican Hospital on Friday 04/13. She was treated for strep throat and was given the bear to help her be brave while getting her shot of penicillin. She did so awesome and squeezed her bear super tight. Thank you for the service you are providing, it truly is great!!
Thanks again,
Melissa & Lily

September 10, 2015

‘Dr. Pink’, my 6 year old daughter’s teddy bear given to her on 6/14/2015 in the CHOMP emergency room the morning she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, has a special place in the hearts of our family members (and on Ms. M’s bed). We were in such a hurry to get Ms. M to the ER that I didn’t even think to grab a lovey. The generous gift of Dr. Pink by one of the ER nurses really helped to relax and focus us all on the love and support that the medical staff at CHOMP (and later at Stanford Children’s Hospital) were giving Ms. M.

Thank you so much for making my little girl smile in a time of such confusion, uncertainly and pain. It’s an immeasurable gift!

The ***** Family


September 17, 2015

I have a teddy bear that was sent to me when I was going through breast cancer surgeries. That bear went to surgery with me, & has gone through several other surgeries with me. She sits with the anesthesiologist & is in my arms when I wake up. It is definitely a comfort to have that hug when in the hospital, as well as at home. She was sent to my by a friend in the Rocky Mountain Good Bears den.


Susie Johansson, Bearo # 849, Western Regional Membership Coordinator Good Bears of the World.

June 17, 2015

On behalf of A Time For Grieving and Healing and 100 Mother’s we are very grateful for your generous donations of love. The teddy bears have made so many children and hurting MOTHER’S smile.
Thank you and all of your selfless volunteers who bag, tag, deliver to us at our front door.
God bless you and yours,
Debbie Aguilar

October 25, 2013
I cannot thank Teddy Bears with Heart enough for their ongoing donation of bears to our patients and families. The bears have been incredibly well received and loved all around the hospital. Susan Hanson has been such a joy to work with, and I can truly feel their dedication to us through Susan’s ongoing drive to expand her organization and generosity. The bears we get have been used to help a child through a difficult procedure, brighten up a child’s day, and bring a sense of normalcy into the lives of our patients and families we work with on a daily basis. Thank you so very much Teddy Bears with Heart!

Allison Brooks, MA, CCLS
Child Life Specialist
Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital


October 24, 2013

As a Firefighter with The Monterey Fire Department I have had the pleasure of working with TBWH and seeing how their organization has touched the lives and brightened the days of many children in rough times. They supply stuffed animals to ambulance, fire and police departments for distribution at the emergencies. As a professional I am very impressed with what this organization is doing.

In June my son was diagnosed with cancer. I got to see and feel first hand the joy it brought my son when the transporting ambulance crew gave him one of the stuffed animals that TBWH supplied them. We contacted Susan Hanson from TBWH and sent her pictures of our son with his toy. We kept in contact with Susan as we began the treatment. TBWH went even further and found that many children from this area are transported regularly to Lucille Packard for treatment. They contacted Lucille Packard and have begun to supply many more sick children with toys for comfort. This organization truly has a HEART for children (and adults). My family and many others have been blessed by the generosity of this amazing organization.


Vincent W. Lombardi


April 8, 2013

I am the Fire Prevention Specialist II for the Madera– Mariposa- Merced Unit of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. One of my duties is to coordinate the “Hug A Bear” program for our Unit. This program supplies all of our fire engines at 42 fire stations with “bears” generously provided to us by Teddy Bears with Heart.

These “bears” come to us brand new, individually wrapped and with an identification tag. This may not seem like a lot but to someone on a fire engine it is huge. The bears “ride along” with our engine crews and would become very dirty very quickly if not securely wrapped.

I have listened to comments from EMT’s and fire engine crews on how valuable these bears are during a crisis for a child and their family. It provides that child with comfort and hope.

Teddy Bears with Heart are an excellent organization and I am so grateful for their support. My position is incredibly busy but one item I do not have to worry or plan is our shipments of “teddy bears” for the stations. I am routinely contacted by Teddy Bear with Heart to check on our inventory and coordinate the next shipment.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am to be associated with Teddy Bears with Heart and hope our partnership continues for many years.


Karen Guillemin, Fire Prevention Specialist II


March 21, 2013

Imagine for a moment being a child and hearing that you have to stay overnight in the hospital. How would you feel in a strange place with strange people and strange gadgets? All the different sounds, beeps and alarms. Nurses invading your space — listening, poking, and prodding. Kind of scary, right?

Now imagine that same place with a cuddly teddy bear to hold and to hug when you’re feeling scared. A teddy bear provides comfort, security, and even distractions when new people are coming in and out of your room at all hours of the day and night.

I am a nurse at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula on Main West and thanks to Teddy Bears with Heart, our unit has been able to provide teddy bears and a little bit of comfort and security to many scared hospitalized children. The bears have provided simple conversation starters such as “So, what have you named your teddy bear?” Or they’ve helped make a child comfortable before an assessment, when the nurse first listens to the teddy bear’s heart and asks, “How fast do you think a bear’s heart beats?” They provide distraction when we have to perform an unfamiliar task such as starting or removing an IV. But the best part is the patients get to take the bears home. We hope the bear will be a reminder of the special nurse who gave it to him or took such good care of her, rather than the scary, strange place it could have been.

Thank you, Teddy Bears with Heart. You have made a difference in the comfort and security of many children of all ages with your generous donations of cute and cuddly teddy bears.