PetSmart Bear Drive October 2 –

Petsmart.comSeveral PetSmarts have decided to gift Petsmart stuffed animals to TBWH this year as their chosen charity.  The following PetSmarts will be collecting the stuffed dogs and cats better known as “Chance, Hope & Lucky” to gift to TBWH.

PetSmart Campbell 
Address: 850 W Hamilton Ave, Campbell
PetSmart Daley City
Address:  315 Gellert Blvd, Daley City
PetSmart Gilroy
Gilroy Crossing Shopping Center
Address: 6755 Camino Arroyo Bldg 5, Gilroy
PetSmart San Carlos 
Address: 1225 Industrial Rd, San Carlos
PetSmart San Jose

San Jose Market Center

Address:  607 Coleman Ave, San Jose
Phone:  (408) 920-0316
PetSmart San Jose

Almaden Plaza Shopping Center

Address: 5353 Almaden Expy, San Jose
Phone:  (408) 978-8941
PetSmart Salinas 
Address: 1265 N Davis Rd, Salinas
PetSmart Santa Cruz
Address:  490 River St, Santa Cruz
Phone: (831) 429-2780
Thank you to all of these PetSmart’s in supporting TBWH in bringing comfort to children in crisis, the forgotten elderly and the terminally ill.