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We would love to hear your story on how your bear helped you. Please email Susie – susie@tbwh.org with your story and pics if you would like.


Thank you for the stuffed animals! Our care home residents love them. It’s been an especially hard year for them because of covid. – KM


Thank you for the unicorn gift. It means a lot to me. I am a widow and my family lives in Ohio and Florida. Thanks again for. gift. Merry Christmas and happy new year 2021. JL


Hope is also an important aspect of what our Family Resource Centers provide to these families in need. Hope creates an idea that goals can be achieved. The Center provides a seed of hope to the children creating a desire in them to do their best in school and understand that they too have an opportunity to go to college, to have a career, and to end the poverty they are experiencing as children when they are adults. This supporting environment helps children to understand their self-worth and heighten their self-esteem. The program offers a truth to homeless and foster children that they desperately need to know. This truth is that every child in America has a right and the opportunity to achieve their dreams through education. Many homeless and foster children fall behind in school. This creates frustration in the children, the feeling of inadequacy, truancy, anger, and a downhill slope in self-esteem and school grades. It is the goal of our program to lift these children up by providing them with basic school supplies, programs and support that will level the field for them at school and beyond. Just like many other organizations we have also received extreme budget cuts. We had reached out to you for the sake of our homeless & foster children in Salinas. Your collaborative efforts have provided …..800 stuffed animals and 100 children’s masks. This has gone specifically towards our district’s collaborative, community efforts to promote the Family Resource Center and its client services for our homeless and foster youth. – CC & FRC Team


My daughter loved this little teddy it helped her after she got her blood drawn to feel happy she said thank you – L

10/01/19 –

Hello, My name is Jenn and Saturday night one of my 2 year old twin daughters, Emily, broke her femur. Here’s what happened. We were feeling lazy after flying home from vacation and didn’t have any groceries so we decided to stop by the park for a few minutes before going out to eat. I announced we had 2 minutes left before we had to leave the park and told the kids they should pick their favorite thing to do before we left. David, Emily, and I chose the see-saw; don’t worry, it was fun. However, when we were getting off, David’s foot caught on the seat and he tripped and landed on Emily 😩 The rest is history. I knew it was serious pretty quickly, whether I wanted to believe it or not. My strong, non-cryer was wailing in pain and wouldn’t stop unless I was holding her tightly. I was holding her so tightly in my arms it felt like I was hugging a broken vase so it didn’t shatter. The ride in the ambulance to the hospital was hard. My whole body was shaking and I felt like my muscles were going to give out. I had to muster up every fiber of mom-strength I had to keep my baby held tight and out of as much pain as possible. I was uncomfortable in every way but I didn’t move a muscle for fear of it causing my baby girl more pain. With every bump on the road my baby was screaming in agony OUCHIE BUMP OUCHIE BUMP MAMAAAA!!! I know baby 😭😭😭😭

02/04/19 –

SR: C.C was in the ER in Santa Cruz over the weekend. After some tests and x-rays it was determined she has RSV. This fluffy bunny made her day!