Thank you!

A big bear hug thank you goes out to our board. Within which we could not do without. Krista Carey – Board Assistant, Ann Cooke – Treasurer, Karen Crummey – Vice President. Also to our chairs – Jared Anderson & Kristina Carey – Social Media Coordinators & Katie Coo – Membership Director,

A huge thank you goes out to our volunteers. We couldn’t do what we do without you! Thank you so much for the hard work, dedication and big hearts!

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped with bagging & tagging, deliveries and pick-ups in October, November & December!

Ann Cooke, Buck Johnson, Connie Arista, Dallas Harrison, Danette Elliott, Jan Burrell, Jennifer Green, Jorie Belisle, Judie Williamson, Karen & Fred Crummey, Katie Coo, Kim Huelsing, Krista Carey, Nina von Drachenfels, Stacey Swenson & Natalie Schmidt, Susie Hanson, Trisha & Dennis Hanson, Katie Coo.